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Well, lets start with the important stuff...Im the wife to a really hot guy! Im Blessed with three great kids, Hope is almost 18, Morgan just turned 6 and the true love of my life my son Tommy who is 5. We recently moved from the Flint area, yea I know what your thinking so let me finish, we Moved to the country away from the crime and grime. We bought a more beautiful home then we deserve on five acres. life is good. I work full time as a commercial Banker, my husband Tom owns his own business doing Home theaters and security. His business is BOOMING! I was born and raised in Flint and moved to Arizona in 1996. I stayed about ten years and had the desire to move back. So I packed up a Hundai Elantra a 9 year old girl, a yorkie, two turtles and a car load of gear and moved back to Flint. We stayed with my girl Michelle for a bit until I got settled with a job and new place. Then I started stalking my husband to be and it has been blissful ever since.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

its ok if you think you suck at this mom thing!

Momm'n is hard I know you are trying hard...well most of you are some of you just dont care but thats a whole other blog.

I want you to know you are enough and your kids think so as well. Maybe deeeeeep down in side but they do. Even when they are screaming at you and telling you that you are the worst mom ever and they hate you. I want you to know that there is no substitution for your presence and being in your child life. NO ONE can love them like you can, even when you feel like you are the worst mom ever and you feel  terribly inadequate there is no one better equipped than you. God gave you these children and gave you to them you can do this!

When you are burning dinner and the smoke detector goes off ..well at least your making dinner tonight is the first night my kids have had a real mean since I stated back working for time.

When you have to sneak away to have a sip of wine or a chocolate bar in the bathroom that"s ok you are enough! You have to have 2 minutes sometimes so you don"t loose your $h*t in front of them, now I"m not saying you don"t loose it sometimes we all do I have said and done some things that I wont discuss on here I loose my cool all the time!

When you get home from work and all you want to do is get out of your work clothes and use the bathroom and you have kids following you up the stairs wanting to climb in your butt and you dont turn into a screaming monster with red eyes and instead say I just need two minutes you better pat yourself on the back cause momm'n is hard and that was a win!

when you wake up in the morning extra early just so you can have a few sips of coffee alone and your sweet baby comes downstairs and wants to talk to you and you dont threaten them with bloodily harm again a win. hey dont get me started on you over achievers that get up early to exercise that is a whole new kind of morning person that my mom zombie brain cannot grasp.

When your house it dirty the kids smell bad and you smell worse its all good.. if you have mom friends that are judgy dump um and come hang out with me I have wine and kids movies and I dont care if your kids are... well kids cause I have some of those too. 

When your kid has a bruise on his face  from sports and everyone looks at you at the store its ok, who cares if they think you hit the kid with a hammer at least you have your kids in sports and they are not at home playing video games every day. Not that Im against getting some me time while my kids be vidiots for a little while I get some well candy crush in. We all have to cope and balance doing this mom thing and we all have similar struggles so dont let those other moms judge you its ok to be a bad mom sometimes and and just loose your cool and say no to things like PTA and pampered chef parties. JUST SAY NO its ok !

I get that some days the radio in the car is to much noise just  knowing  you gotta get in mom mode on the drive home that's perfectly normal. Dreading your kids birthday parties yea that's normal as well. Its those little things that we as moms just get thru. Now I have gone to work with puke on my back, two different colored shoes and one time I didn't even have shoes on I had on my house slippers its all perfectly normal. So if you see me some where and I do look like I've got it all together well you better say something cause it took a lot of effort! like wow girl you look hot today or  the opposite if you see me and I've got something chunky in may hair well just pick it out don't make a big deal about it. We are all trying really hard to keep it together but know that you are enough. know. 

I understand we are just trying to keep it all together with our Erin Condren planners and I phones and cute coffee mugs that say things like lady boss;  when we know we are barely hangin' on to our sanity on most days. I know you gotta keep up your facebook persona that's ok too. Some times we all think are kids are jerks, but as long as you don't tell them that, its a win so go ahead and put a smug smile on your face cause you are rock'n this mom thing even when you think you suck at it. Sometimes I think I'm the worst mom ever and I just lock myself in the closet  and cry while I'm eating cookies, but then after a little while of little fingers under the door and the phone ringing and the dog howling you pull it together and come out with mascara streaming down your face and try again, at this point your kids think your crazy and get all quiet so maybe that's a good thing that they know mommy has a breaking point and you can use it in the future " if you guys don't knock it off I'm going back to the closet! 
 Its the little wins like kids on the honor roll and a sport victories and when you ask your kid to answer those stupid questions that are posted on face book saying without prompting ask your kids these questions and they say that they love you ten hundred when the options are 1-10 and lula roe its like mom Ger-animals that make it all worth it. So keep being a bad mom cause really your a great mom and what you feeling is perfectly normal and you are enough. And if you need to put wine in your fancy coffee mug on game days you go right ahead I wont judge. 

I may not get my ten thousand steps every day, I may cover up my grey hair with old mascara, I may wear leggins every day and I may hide snacks I dont want to share, but my kids know I love them and my husband thinks Im a good mom so Im gonna keep crying in the closet if I need to and going to bed at 8:30 on  Friday night and you keep being the mom you are being because YOU ARE ENOUGH!


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